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Locks R Us: Your Trusted Commercial Locksmith in St. Louis County, MO. We offer reliable and efficient locksmith services for businesses. From lock installations to access control systems, we’ve got you covered!

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Master key system chart, Locks R Us

Master Key System

Let me tell you about the master key system. It’s a convenient and efficient way to manage access to multiple areas within a building. With a master key system, you can have one key that can open multiple locks, while individual keys can only open specific locks assigned to them. This system allows for better control and security, as you can grant different levels of access to different individuals. It’s a great solution for businesses and commercial buildings that need to manage access to various areas. The team at Locks-R-Us can help you design and implement a master key system tailored to your specific needs. Let me know if you have any more questions! πŸ˜ŠπŸ”‘


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commercial buildings lockout, Locks R Us, business lockout

commercial buildings lockout

Commercial and business lockouts happen when people get locked out of their work buildings or offices. This can occur because of different reasons like losing keys, problems with locks, or changes in staff. These situations can disrupt work, causing problems and possible financial losses. Skilled locksmiths who focus on commercial lockouts can quickly solve these issues using advanced methods to regain access without causing harm. Their knowledge ensures a speedy fix, letting businesses get back to normal quickly. Acting promptly in these situations is important for keeping things secure and reducing interruptions in the busy business world.

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Commercial Locks

When it comes to commercial locks, Locks R Us has got a wide variety for you to choose from. We understand that every business has unique needs, so we offer different types of locks to cater to those requirements. Whether you need high-security deadbolts, electronic keypad locks, or access control systems, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team can guide you in selecting the right locks for your commercial space to ensure maximum security and convenience. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the perfect solution.

Door closer installation, Locks R Us, commercial services

Door Closer Installation

Door Closer Installation involves the meticulous process of fitting a door closer mechanism to ensure controlled and smooth closing of doors. This essential hardware guarantees convenience, security, and energy efficiency by preventing doors from slamming and maintaining proper insulation. Professional installation ensures precise adjustment, considering factors like door weight and size. It enhances safety in commercial and residential spaces, offering a hands-free and reliable solution. Door Closer Installation not only extends the lifespan of doors but also contributes to the overall functionality and aesthetics of a building. Trustworthy installation services ensure optimal performance, assuring peace of mind for property owners.

Panic bar, Locks R Us

Panic Bar Installation

Panic Bar Installation refers to the crucial process of fitting panic bars, also known as exit devices or crash bars, in commercial or public spaces. These bars serve as emergency exit solutions, ensuring swift and safe evacuation during crises. Expert installation of panic bars is vital to comply with building codes and regulations, guaranteeing optimal functionality. These devices are designed for quick, intuitive use, providing a secure means of egress in emergency situations. Professionals adept in panic bar installation play a pivotal role in enhancing building safety, offering peace of mind to occupants by facilitating efficient and reliable emergency exits.

Commercial Electronics locks, Locks R Us

Commercial Electronics locks

When it comes to commercial electronic locks, Locks R Us has got you covered. Our range of electronic locks offers advanced security and convenience for your business. Whether you need keypad locks, card access systems, or biometric locks, we have the latest technology to meet your needs. These electronic locks provide enhanced control and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to easily manage access to different areas of your commercial space. Our expert team can help you choose and install the right electronic locks to ensure the utmost security for your business. Give us a call, and let’s discuss how we can upgrade your business’s lock system!

commercial rekey, locks r us

Commercial locks rekey

If you’re looking to rekey your commercial locks, Locks R Us is the expert you can rely on. Whether you need to enhance security or control access to your business, our team has got you covered. Rekeying involves adjusting the lock mechanism so that it works with a new set of keys, rendering the old ones useless. It’s a cost-effective way to upgrade security without replacing the entire lock. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of rekeying your commercial locks in no time. Your business’s security is our top priority!


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commercial lock repair, Locks R Us

commercial Lock repair

When it comes to commercial lock repair, Locks R Us is the go-to choice for business owners like you. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to handle all types of lock issues, from broken locks to malfunctioning keypads. We understand that a malfunctioning lock can disrupt your business operations, so we prioritize quick and efficient repairs to minimize any downtime. Just give us a call, and our team will be on their way to get your commercial locks back in working order. You can trust us to keep your business secure!

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commercial lock installation, Locks R Us

Commercial locks installation

If you’re in need of commercial lock installation, Locks R Us is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in installing high-quality locks for businesses like yours. Whether you’re setting up a new office or need to upgrade your current locks, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know your requirements, and we’ll handle the installation process efficiently and professionally. Your business’s security is our top priority!

Commercial Lock Replacement

Commercial locks replacement

If you’re looking to replace your commercial locks, Locks R Us is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in commercial lock replacement and can provide you with high-quality locks to ensure the security of your business. Whether you need to upgrade your locks for improved security or if your current locks are damaged or worn out, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of replacing your commercial locks efficiently and effectively. Your business’s security is our top priority!

For business owners

Hey there, business owners like you can rest easy knowing that Locks R Us has got your back! We understand the importance of keeping your business safe and secure. With our top-notch lock solutions and expert team, you can trust us to provide the highest level of security for your business. From commercial lock installations to emergency lockout services, we’ve got you covered. So leave your worries behind and let us take care of keeping your business safe and sound!

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Locks R Us is proud to be a Google Guaranteed locksmith, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability in our automotive locksmith services. As a trusted partner, we prioritize your security and satisfaction, providing prompt solutions for your car lockout needs. Experience the assurance of Google Guaranteed services with Locks R Us.

Only use trusted Brands for Locks

Your security matters to us. That’s why we exclusively use trusted brands for locks to guarantee the durability and effectiveness of our solutions. Rest assured, our commitment to quality extends to the products we choose for your security needs.

Responsive Customer Service

At Locks R Us, we know the importance of clear communication and reliable support. Our customer service representatives are dedicated to answering your call promptly, and providing the assistance and information you need. We prioritize your satisfaction and ensure that your concerns are addressed with professionalism and courtesy.

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