Our master key solutions will lighten your keychain

Master key solutions allow you access to your property with a single key. This process involves us rekeying  locks and creating new keys.

This solution is perfect for rental apartments- it is possible for all tenant’s apartment keys to open the main entrance (without giving them entry into other apartments).

Whatever Your Unique Situation, We Can Develop a Convenient Master Key Solution

Rely on us to simplify your life with a convenience single-key system. Not sure if this service applies to your circumstances?

Give us a call and we’ll provide a solution.

Benefits of Master Key Systems

  • Maximize security and ease of use
  • Fewer keys with flexibility in design
  • Control who has access to what doors
  • Each individual only needs to carry one key, even when opening multiple doors
  • Master key unlocks all doors

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Master Key

One key to unlock them all. Our master key control solutions let you access all areas of your property with a single key.

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Key Cutting & Duplication

Need extra keys? Looking to replace a lost key? We’ll cut or copy the keys you need.

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Lock & Hardware Repairs

If your lock doesn’t seem as strong or reliable as it once was, our repair team will repair it so it works like new.

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