Lock Rekeying and other key control solutions for homeowners, business owners and landlords

You’ve received the keys to your new home, commercial property or apartment.

How do you know for certain previous owners don’t have functional keys which access your property?

Lock rekeying service gives you the same peace of mind which comes with replacing or installing brand new deadbolts – without the time or cost.

How lock rekeying works

Simple, yet effective, lock rekeying completely transforms the inside of your lock while leaving the outside alone:

  • Reconfigure the inside of the lock
  • Create a brand new key to unlock it
  • Any old keys are now ineffective

Need a different key control solution?

If you’re looking for something different – or more substantive – than lock rekeying service, Locks R Us has a variety of key control options to choose from:

Master Key

One key to unlock them all. Our master key control solutions let you access all areas of your property with a single key.

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Key Cutting & Duplication

Need extra keys? Looking to replace a lost key? We’ll cut or copy the keys you need.

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Lock & Hardware Repairs

If your lock doesn’t seem as strong or reliable as it once was, our repair team will repair it so it works like new.

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