Lock Rekeying

Locks R Us provides exceptional lock rekeying services, offering unparalleled security and convenience for your residential or commercial spaces.

Lock rekeying:

Did you know you can change the keys that operate your business, without having to incur the cost of purchasing a new lock? Lock rekeying is fast, easy and can be done in our vans, or in our shop, by a trained locksmith when it’s convenient for you.

Benefits of Lock Rekeying:

Quite often when people hear the term ‘to rekey a lock’, they become confused. Many people actually have this idea that if a lock isn’t working or if they want to change keys that they will need to actually replace the lock. 90% of the time a lock replacement wouldn’t be necessary. Instead, you would look to have the locked ‘rekyed’.

when should you consider rekeying your lock:

  • Moving into a new home or apartment.
  • Losing a set of keys.
  • Ending a relationship or going through a divorce.
  • Upgrading security measures.
  • Suspecting unauthorized access to your property.
  • Having multiple keys that are difficult to manage.
  • Moving into a new office space or commercial property.
  • Hiring new employees or experiencing employee turnover.
  • Renting out a property to tenants.
  • Upgrading to a more secure lock system.
  • Losing track of who has copies of the keys.
  • Wanting to have a master key system for convenience.

Remember, rekeying your locks can provide peace of mind and ensure the security of your property

Is it safe to rekey a lock?

Of course! When you have your locks rekeyed you are essentially changing the pin combination within the locking mechanism. Any keys that were originally working with this lock will be rendered useless. Only the new keys designed for the rekeyed lock will be allowed access


BE AWARE: Picking a reliable locksmith is crucial to avoid scams, prevent the risk of losing your security key, or, worse, having a duplicate made for unauthorized access to your property.

Why Choose Locks R Us?

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Locks R Us is proud to be a Google Guaranteed locksmith, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability in our automotive locksmith services. As a trusted partner, we prioritize your security and satisfaction, providing prompt solutions for your car lockout needs. Experience the assurance of Google Guaranteed services with Locks R Us.

Only use trusted Brands for Locks

Your security matters to us. That’s why we exclusively use trusted brands for locks to guarantee the durability and effectiveness of our solutions. Rest assured, our commitment to quality extends to the products we choose for your security needs.

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At Locks R Us, we know the importance of clear communication and reliable support. Our customer service representatives are dedicated to answering your call promptly, and providing the assistance and information you need. We prioritize your satisfaction and ensure that your concerns are addressed with professionalism and courtesy.

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Rekey/Change Lock

Lock Repair or Replace

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